New City, NY Activator Technique

Pavia Chiropractic

Scientific studies support the effectiveness of the activator method more than any other chiropractic technique.

We combine medical knowledge with chiropractic techniques to treat your entire body and ensure a pain-free life. Restoring spinal balance safely and successfully is the driving force behind the Activator Method technique.

Safe and effective care for your entire family:

  • Gentle, low force technique
  • Can be used safely on patients of all ages
  • Controlled, fast thrust that is comfortable for the patient
  • Quick, dramatic results

Make the Activator Method part of your healthy lifestyle.
Whether you’re a senior citizen dealing with osteoporosis or have a child with a permanent disability, our chiropractic techniques will provide effective results.

Tired of dealing with your pain? Call Pavia Chiropractic to schedule your free screening at 845-638-0247.

Activator Technique - New City, NY - Pavia Chiropractic
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